About Catering by Design

In 2004, Jeff and Kathy Windt created Catering by Design to answer a demand for quality catering with honest food. Our mission is to provide unique, professionally handcrafted food specially suited for you. The Pantry evolved in 2013 to provide take-home heat-and-eat meals.

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Now Offering Pantry Meals To Go!

The Pantry is our retail store offering family meals with easy home heating instructions. Our menu changes weekly to offer you a variety of options and you can shop in-store or online! For larger dinner parties and do it yourself entertainers, please call us with your special orders at (507) 282-3005.

Impress at Your Next Event with Handcrafted Catering

Know that when you work with Catering by Design, your event receives premier services to impress you and your guests. The kitchen is led by Jeff, our executive chef with over four decades of professional experience. Kathy dedicates her time to know every client personally and design a tailored catering plan for your needs and tastes.

Together with our team, we bring you artisan-quality food, personalized attention, and professional service—we never compromise our work for anything less than that. Because Catering by Design provides full-service, fresh catering, you can rest easy knowing that everything from menu planning to the final cleanup is in our hands.

With a long history of performing at a wide array of venues, Catering by Design has the expertise to achieve the highest quality of fresh catering and service at your event. The distinguished venues that welcome Catering by Design testify to our quality, and our returning clients demonstrate our consistency in that quality. Catering by Design delivers delicious, fresh catering to your special event.

Taste the Difference Today!

For meals to go or to learn about catering services, call us at

(507) 282-3005!